Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Make Money Online - The Real Money Making Secret

Making money online is the most tempting idea that has conquered the minds of about 85% of the internet users. It is an unobjectionable fact that almost all of them want to catch their fish without wetting their hands. At this moment, comes a tsunami of free money making sites offering “get paid to read email”, ”make money taking online surveys”, “earn by clicking ads” and so on. If you visit these sites you may see a number of testimonials about ‘successful money making’. They might even display the pictures of payout slips/cheques/drafts or even bank/paypal statements.

The real fact about these sites is that they appear to be legitimate outwardly but if you do a deep study, it is 100% sure that you will reach only one conclusion (guess what?). It is a truth that a greater half of the internet users don’t even know the basics of the ‘world wide web’ they use. This is the reason for the growth of these heartless, cunning and deceiving demons.

What are they and what do they want?

In technical tongue you can call them as FRAUDS and SCAMS. But actually they are much more than that. They are like the leeches. Once connected, they will suck your blood without you feeling it so that you don’t take it off. They are making money utilizing your precious time and resource. It is just as if you are their slaves. The following are some of the methods in which they cheat you:

Sending emails/surveys in such a rate/frequency/way that you will never reach the minimum payout even in your lifetime.

·   In case you are able reach the minimum payout, you will find that the minimum payout amount has been increased.

·   When you request payout, they will never give ‘your’ money.

There are many reasons that these sites can be dangerous. Like,

·   Use your email address for spamming and supply it to other spammers.

·   Misuse your important personal data/information (you cannot even imagine what would happen if your personal information reaches the hands of these wicked people).

·   Wastes your valuable time and resources (internet bandwidth, electricity, health etc).

Most of these sites are actually ‘network traffic handling mechanisms’ (I may refer it as NTHMs). When you click an ad or read an email or take a survey, the person who owns the corresponding NTHM gets paid. For each click they will get about 0.25$ (maximum). Then how come they pay you 1$ to 100$ per click. Are they NUTS? ABSOLUTELY NO, they are the most cunning people and they are cheating you.

I am writing this on the basis of my experience and dedicated study of the matter for more than two years. If you have any objections to my arguments, you can give it as a comment, provided you have a ‘valid proof’.

It is my strong request to all who are trying hard to make money online that, NEVER JOIN ANY FREE MONEY MAKING SITES. Any good looking offers these sites give are nothing but low class tricks to fool you. They just want you to join their sites and work as their servants. So once again I humbly request you not to join any such sites. I am asking this solely for your well being and not with any bad intentions.

How you can REALLY make money online?

I didn’t say that you cannot make money online. It is truly possible. But the ideas are not as easy as that you do for those fraudulent ‘free money making sites’. I would like to briefly explain a couple of them.

Online Trade: This is the most realistic way to make money online. Today there is countless numbers of e-commerce sites throughout the world. Most of them allow individuals to sell their products/items. I recommend ebay ( since I have experience as an ebay seller. You can even sell used items on these sites. They also provide bidding facilities for your items.

The requirements to sell on these sites are – age limit, citizenship in prescribed countries, a valid email address, phone number and a bank account. For more information about selling on ebay, visit

Websites/Blogs: This is another method to make money online. This is a method in which you should have good knowledge about websites and blogs. It is much more easier than the first method in that there are no external activities involved (purchase or shipping). But you need to work a lot with your computer if you want to make some bucks.

You need an active website or blog in order to do this. Active in the sense- updated regularly. The site should contain quality contents which can attract visitors. You should avoid any copyrighted materials in your site. If you don’t own a website or blog, you can get a free one from free website hosting sites and blogs. I recommend and

After you have good postings and decent number of visitors you can apply for Google AdSense ( Once approved, the Google AdSense will put selected Ads in your site and you will be paid when the user clicks an Ad.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Active Partition Problem in Windows 7

If you have accidentally changed the active partition of your system and thereby unable to boot your OS, then follow the below technique to change back your active partition to the original settings.

Run the repair console by tapping F8 key during bootup. If you cannot access the Repair console, then You will need the System Repair Disk to use Diskpart commands to mark the Windows 7 active partition.

After running the Repair Console/System Repair Disk, open the DOS Command Prompt and use the following commands to set the active partition:

SELECT DISK # (# for Windows 7 disk)
SELECT PARTITION # (# for Windows 7 partition, or 100mb system Reserved partition if you have it)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Tricks to restore deleted/virus hidden files in Windows 7

You might have wondered or more accurately 'frustrated' on seeing an empty HDD/USB storage, suddenly one day, in which you have kept all your important data. This occurs because of any one of the following reasons.

1. Someone has accidently(?) deleted the files.
2. Your flash/USB drive is damaged (hardware problem).
3. Your flash/USB drive is affected by virus, which hid your files.

To find out what has occured the first step you have to do is to plug the storage device to your computer, right-click the device icon and select the properties menu. If anywhere in this step your system hangs or the properties window shows 0bytes capacity, then case 2 is the possible problem. If so you have to consult a technical expert (hardware) for the data recovery.

If first step has no issues and the properties window shows 0bytes Used Space, then case 1 is the possible problem. In this situation, use a good data recovery software (I recommend 'Recuva' recovery software). Remember in this case, you should not put any file into the drive to be recovered. This is because, doing so will overwrite the deleted files (which are to be recovered) and they will become some useless pieces of junk data (unrecoverable).

Now, If your situation is different from the above 2 cases and  the properties window shows some bytes Used Space, then case 3 is the possible problem. If this is the case and you are not so good in dealing with viruses please seek an expert's help to check whether your system is virus infected or not. After cleaning the virus, follow the below step to restore (make visible) the hidden files in your device.

  1. Open the command prompt (Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Run > type "cmd" (without the "") into the box and press enter).
  2. Go to the drive which contains your hidden files (eg: If your drive name is "D" then type "D:" and press enter).
  3. Go to the folder which contains your hidden files (eg: If your folder location is "D:/Games/NFSMW" then type "cd Games/ NFSMW" and press enter).
  4. Now type "attrib -s -h *.* /S /D" and press enter. This command will restore (make visible) all the files and folders in the specified location.
That's it. Enjoy recovering you lost files.